Corona update, post #1

Xin Chao!

We just started this blog to try to give you some daily updates about the situation in Sapa and Hanoi due to the Corona virus.

Unfortunately, Sapa Sisters office and Homestay (Zao’s House) have been closed down by the authority. It’s just a safety preclusion. None of Sapa Sisters staff or guests have been infected or showed any sign of illness. The office will be closed for another 13 days.

Even if our office is closed Sapa Sisters is still up and running. We have temporary moved our meeting point, breakfast/showers and overnight customers to Vista hotel in Sapa. We give more information about that to all our customers by email. Sapa Sisters is trying to do the best of the situation, we improvise and adapt as we go.

Vietnam is one of the countries who have so far managed to keep the count low. Until today it’s 40 reported cases of COVID 19. The short number of cased is a result of the Vietnamese governments pro active regulations and actions. Schools are closed and no public events are allowed.

Vietnam is still a safe country to travel in but it’s important to be courses, following the news and recommendation, make sure to have good travel insurance and be aware that the situation can change quick. Hotels can be forced to close without notice and transportation can be cancelled. In this cased our booking staff can help you find alternatives.

Trains and busses to Sapa still runs as normal. In Sapa and Hanoi there are many hotels and restaurants that keeps open. There are plenty of street food available.

Economically, corona have hit Sapa Sisters really badly, but we do our best to keep floating. At least it’s very beautiful bout in Sapa and Hanoi right now. It’s peaceful, much less traffic in the street, clear air and fewer people.

Stay safe!