Corona update, post #2

All of the markets around Sapa and Lao Cai are open as normal and Sapa Sisters still arrange market tours by shared bus or private car.

A market tour in combination with a 1-day trek is a good alternative to a longer overnight trek. Ask our booking staff what is available for the dates you plan to visit. The market in Sapa town is also open every day.

Before entering many main buildings i.e. hotels, busses and train stations everyone is subject to a temperature check. People with temperatures above normal will not be allowed to pass. This constant check may feel irritating or even seen as a bit of a violation, but this vigilance has kept the spread of Corona to a minimum in Vietnam; so please be patient and respectful to officials facilitating the checks.

Vietnam has a population on more than 95 million people and only 45 cases of Corona virus. 16 of the patients have already recovered.