Please be a responsible traveler!

Hanoi will close all bars, coffee shops, massage parlors, karaoke clubs and cinemas to avoid large crowds and potential virus spread. The entire Whole Hoan Kiem area seems to be closed starting tomorrow, Thursday.

Passenger train SE9 and SE10 between the HCM City and Hanoi will halt operations from March 26 to April 28. SE1 to SE8 still run as normal but there may be some changes in the schedule.

If you are still traveling in Vietnam, make sure to keep yourself updated and follow the authorities orders and regulations.

…if not, you may be doing the same mistake as the young Scandinavian backpacker who arrived in Hanoi a few weeks ago. She ignored (or missed the information) that she had been on the same airplane as other infected passengers and did not follow the order to go to the hospital for isolation while waiting for her test result.

Instead she went bar hopping around Hoan Kiem lake. She used her vacation time well, visiting most tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam. She went down south by bus visiting Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An. After that all the way up to Ha Giang. By then the police had been trying to track her down, but it was not until she was back in Hanoi, and by herself went to the hospital. It was then the police could finally stop her. Now the police is doing their best to find all people she has been in contact with but that seems almost impossible. Not sure if we should laugh or cry over this… This one tourist managed to lock down big parts of Vietnam, just by going on a normal backpacking tour…

Lesson to be learned, if you are still out travelling, follow the instructions and be a responsible traveler!