Corona update, post #10

Now we open our office in Sapa again! Our office is open 7.30-9.30AM and 1.30-3.30PM. Big Khu will be there to help you organise your Sapa adventure!

Zao and her family has also opened up their homestay again. Everyone trekking with Sapa Sisters in Sapa are welcome to stay the night at Zao’s House! A fantastic house, with great view, good food and comfortable setup.


Corona update, post #9

Still far from normal but Sapa Sisters keep on trekking in Sapa and Ha Giang!

For all of you who spending your summer vacation in Vietnam, come and let us guide you through the mountains. Right now, the rice terraces are still all green but soon they turn golden, ready to be harvest. It’s unusually peaceful up here, almost no tourists and very little traffic.

Our office and homestay are still closed but our booking team is quick to answer booking requests, arrange guides, transportation and everything else needed for a mountain excursion. You can reach us best by email or call our booking manager Ms. Linh 0904567985. You can also book your tour directly on our website

Domestic flights and busses are running as normal. From 9th of July, the trains between Lao Cai and Hanoi also starts going again.

International travelers will have to wait until 16th of September until the international airlines start flying to Vietnam again.



Corona update, post #8

Hi everyone!

This week Vietnam has started to open up again. Restaurants, cafés, and shops are now open again while beauty salons, karaoke, bars, and clubs are still suspended.

As some business in Vietnam starts to open up again, Sapa Sisters gets a few questions about treks. Most villages around Sapa still don’t welcome any visitors and there are no homestays open yet. We are looking into options and alternative trekking routes. Hopefully, some villages will open again in the coming weeks.

Vietnam is one of the few countries that have managed to keep the virus under control. From 180 067 people tested for Covid-19 only 270 tested positive and no reported deaths from the virus.

Stay safe!


Please be a responsible traveler!

Hanoi will close all bars, coffee shops, massage parlors, karaoke clubs and cinemas to avoid large crowds and potential virus spread. The entire Whole Hoan Kiem area seems to be closed starting tomorrow, Thursday.

Passenger train SE9 and SE10 between the HCM City and Hanoi will halt operations from March 26 to April 28. SE1 to SE8 still run as normal but there may be some changes in the schedule.

If you are still traveling in Vietnam, make sure to keep yourself updated and follow the authorities orders and regulations.

…if not, you may be doing the same mistake as the young Scandinavian backpacker who arrived in Hanoi a few weeks ago. She ignored (or missed the information) that she had been on the same airplane as other infected passengers and did not follow the order to go to the hospital for isolation while waiting for her test result.

Instead she went bar hopping around Hoan Kiem lake. She used her vacation time well, visiting most tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam. She went down south by bus visiting Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An. After that all the way up to Ha Giang. By then the police had been trying to track her down, but it was not until she was back in Hanoi, and by herself went to the hospital. It was then the police could finally stop her. Now the police is doing their best to find all people she has been in contact with but that seems almost impossible. Not sure if we should laugh or cry over this… This one tourist managed to lock down big parts of Vietnam, just by going on a normal backpacking tour…

Lesson to be learned, if you are still out travelling, follow the instructions and be a responsible traveler!

Sapa Sisters starts a fundraising to get through this tough times!

Sapa Sisters have launched a fundraising campaign on The goal is to raise money to cover our fixed cost durring this though times. Please visit our campaign site to read more!

Corona update, post #6

Vietnam is a very quiet place at the moment. Much is done to make sure to protect minority groups in the north from the virus. All tourist destinations in Vietnam are closed for travelers. Many hotels and university dormitories are used to quarantine Vietnamese who have returned home from their work or studies abroad.


Around Sapa, life is reminiscent more of how it was 25 years ago, before the tourist boom. Most of the Sapa Sisters guides are working in their rice fields and taking care of their family’s farms. For some it’s maybe a nice break from trekking, as long as the break is not too long…

Corona update, post #5 (Sapa Sisters closed through April)

Xin Chao Cac Ban!

Today we have taken the decision to temporarily close Sapa Sisters. We tried as long as we could to keep business running, but clearly now is not the time to travel. All of our tours and treks will be canceled through April. If we can reopen prior to then, we will!

Part of our booking team will work part time to answer questions, do future bookings and carry out refunds.

It’s with a great sadness we now temporarily close down due to Corona virus and it’s implications. We have managed many difficult challenges since we opened over 10 years ago – but nothing as devastating as this.

We are confident that our reputation is strong, just like all the sapa sisters, and we will reopen once the situation is back under control. Until then we will also continue posting on facebook and our website about what is happening around sapa.

Stay safe and take care of each other!


Corona update, post #4

Ta Van village is now closed off for all visitors. Therefor we can now only arrange 1-day treks and market tours.

Sapa Sisters still do tours in Ha Giang.  If you are in for an adventure, we recommend a private motorbike tour or rent a motorbike with a driver. For those travellers who prefer more comfort but don’t want to miss the spectacular views, we arrange tours by private car and driver. We can also arrange treks for you if you decide to travel Ha Giang on your own. Of course, your private guide will accompany you along the way! Read more on our Ha Giang-website



Corona update, post #3

VN close border for 30 day for Europeans!

From noon, Sunday 15/3, Vietnam closes their border for all European travellers (Schengen and UK). This restriction also affects all travellers that have been visiting UK or Schengen the last 14 days, including layovers.

Sapa Sisters still keeps open to welcome travellers that are already in the country.

Corona update, post #2

All of the markets around Sapa and Lao Cai are open as normal and Sapa Sisters still arrange market tours by shared bus or private car.

A market tour in combination with a 1-day trek is a good alternative to a longer overnight trek. Ask our booking staff what is available for the dates you plan to visit. The market in Sapa town is also open every day.

Before entering many main buildings i.e. hotels, busses and train stations everyone is subject to a temperature check. People with temperatures above normal will not be allowed to pass. This constant check may feel irritating or even seen as a bit of a violation, but this vigilance has kept the spread of Corona to a minimum in Vietnam; so please be patient and respectful to officials facilitating the checks.

Vietnam has a population on more than 95 million people and only 45 cases of Corona virus. 16 of the patients have already recovered.