Gift Certificate, give away an unique experience!

How it works

Click on the blue Buy Gift Certificate button to get started. I pop-up window will open.

Click on the Change Theme drop-down button and hover your mouse over the choices to see a live preview of each. There are currently 3 different themes you can choose, depending on the sentiment you are sending. Simply click on the one you wish to use.

Then, enter the recipient and sender names, the recipient email address and a message a

After filling out the details and clicking Continue, the you will be send to the checkout screen where you complete their purchase, here you can choose from several payment option.

If everything went according to plan, the you will receive your purchase confirmation and the recipient will receive their gift certificate as a PDF attachment to an email.

Contact us if you want to customise the amount and we will arrange that for you.

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Booking a Trek with a Gift Certificate

The Gift Certificate can be used as payment online for any of our treks and market tours.

Using a gift certificate to pay for a booking is very easy. Just select what trek you want to book as normal and fill out your booking details. When it comes time to pay, the payment screen will default to Credit Card. There is an option at the top of the screen for Gift Certificate.