Kick Off Your Trek with a Hearty Breakfast

Kick Off Your Trek with a Hearty Breakfast!

Good news for our early-bird trekkers! Sapa Sisters is now offering a convenient breakfast option for travelers who arrive early in the morning. In collaboration with the restaurant next door to our office, you can add a fulfilling breakfast to your booking, setting you up for a great start before your trek.

Breakfast Choices: Opt for a wholesome bread with omelet or a comforting noodle soup with beef or vegetables. Your meal also comes with a choice of tea or coffee. It’s a simple yet satisfying way to fuel your morning adventure.

Ease and Comfort: Upon arrival at our office, store your luggage safely, take a refreshing shower, and then simply step next door for your breakfast. This easy and smooth start to your day ensures you’re well-prepared and energized for the trek ahead.

Add a breakfast option to your booking and enjoy a convenient, no-fuss start to your day in Sapa. It’s our way of making sure you’re all set for your trekking experience!

What to Expect: Food on Your Trek

What to Expect: Food on Your Trek

When you embark on a trek with Sapa Sisters, not only do you get to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Sapa, but you also get to experience a culinary journey that’s like a “sapa food tour”. Here’s a glimpse of the delightful meals that await you:

Breakfast in the Homestay: Your day starts with a homely breakfast, typically consisting of pancakes served with bananas, occasionally accented with chocolate or lime. This comes with a warm cup of tea or coffee to energize you for the day ahead. For a different taste, you can often opt for instant noodles instead.

Lunch – A Meal of Variety: Depending on your trek’s route, lunch varies. In restaurants, it’s usually fried noodles or rice with options of meat, eggs, or vegetables. Or a noodle soup (phở). If you’re having lunch in a local home, expect hearty dishes like fried vegetables, pork, beef, or tofu. It’s important to inform us about your dietary preferences, such as vegetarian needs, when booking your trek.

Dinner at the Homestay: Dinner is an opportunity to experience local Sapa cuisine. The menu often features traditional fried spring rolls, seasonal greens, and a variation of tofu, chicken, pork, and/or beef. These meals provide not just sustenance but also a taste of the region’s rich culinary culture.

Each meal during your trek is a part of the overall “sapa food tour” experience, offering a peek into the local way of life through its flavors. As you trek through Sapa’s stunning terrain, you’re not just on a journey through nature, but also on a culinary adventure that reflects the essence of this beautiful region